For over 60 years Weld-On Sign & Display has endeavored to develop high quality, user friendly solvent cements and structural adhesives that not only meet, but exceed the most stringent requirements of the sign and display assembly industries. Equal to the superior performance of our products is our commitment to the environment and workers’ safety. Our products are constantly monitored to ensure compliance with all current environmental and occupational health requirements. We relentlessly pursue new, innovative formulations that, without sacrificing performance, keep re-setting the bar.

Clear solvent cements for acrylics. Excellent for cementing letters to sign panels and trim cap. Also styrene, butyrate & polycarbonate.

Multiple solvent cements ranging from optically clear to milky, specifically developed for vinyl, PVC, and CPVC.

Fast set solvent cements formulated for ABS. Join similar substrates in a range of consistencies.

Clear, 2-component urethane based adhesives for polycarbonate. Low VOC and high UV resistance. Also butyrate, ABS, and PETG.

Fast set, solvent cement for bonding styrene to itself.

High strength, 2-part adhesives for metals, plastics, and composites. UL approved. Multiple working times.

Non-abrasive cleaner for acrylic and most plastics.

Everything needed for perfect application. Get the right mixing nozzles and dispensing guns for your project.