Integra Adhesives, a brand of IPS Adhesives, were created by surfacing professionals looking for better solutions to countertop assembly. After more than 15 years, Integra products are at the forefront of the industry with a range of solutions developed specifically for countertops. We relentlessly pursue new, innovative formulations that, without sacrificing performance, keep resetting the bar.

Surface Bonder XI is the latest generation of color matched adhesives for the surfacing industry. Available in more than 400 pre-mixed colors developed for modern demanding fabrication methods such as laminating, mitering, v-grooving, integral mounted sinks and bowls, and applications subject to dynamic loads.

Surface Bonder Zero is a non sagging adhesive specifically designed for Quartz, Compact Sintered Materials and Natural Stone products. Its non-sag properties make it ideal for mitered edges, the adhesive stays right where you put it. Surface Bonder Zero is also great for vertical applications making it an ideal adhesive for deck seam installations in the field. No drips, no mess.

Surface Bonder Ultra is a premium, UV stable, Modified Hybrid Polyaspartic surfacing adhesive for indoor and outdoor applications. This unique adhesive will not yellow, stain, or bleed making it perfect for white marbles. Surface Bonder Ultra contains almost no VOC’s and is not classified as a hazardous material.

Rodding Bonder RD50 is an epoxy based Bonder packaged in a 500ml dual component cartridge designed to embed fiberglass or steel reinforcement rods in countertops. Testing shows that the process can improve load tolerance up to 300% and deflection up to 1600%.

Component Bonder is a two-part methacrylate, structural rodding and clip bonding adhesive designed for the structural bonding of sink clips, steel and fiberglass rodding materials, and steel and aluminum to solid surface (acrylic and polyester), engineered stone, quartz surfaces, and natural stone products.

Substrate Bonder SB100 is designed to develop strong, highly flexible bonds between Solid Surfaces, Engineered Stone, Granite and the materials such as MDF, Plywood, PVC, HPL, and ABS.

Si Bonder is a high performance, one component, acetoxy cure, 100% silicone sealant and adhesive designed for solid surface, quartz, natural stone, ceramic and other non-porous surface applications.